Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Buddy System

Earlier this year, as somewhat of a survival strategy, I had the inspired idea to assign Hank and Max a brother to be their "buddy." I put Hank in charge of Ben and asked Max to be in charge of Joey. I explained to them that they would be responsible to help their buddy with tasks like putting on their shoes, buckling them in their car seats, and holding their hands in the parking lot. Since there is only one of me, and so many needs to take care of, I put the buddy-system in place just so that we could semi-function. I really didn't expect that Hank and Max would take their assignments to heart; not only do they help their buddies with the tasks that I require of them, they have developed the sweetest little connection with their junior buddy through loving and serving them. I hope that even as Ben and Joey get older and are able to do more things for themselves they will always feel this special connection with their older brother/buddy.

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