Friday, August 17, 2007

Hank's Least Favorite Things

1. Table Food - Hank snubs most everything we offer him

2. Diaper Changes

3. Getting in and out of the car seat

4. When mom and dad put locks on the drawers and cabinets

5. Swimming/styrofoam floaties

6. Being alone

7. Sitting still

8. Peas

9. 'No' - sometimes when Hank knows that he is not supposed to touch something, like an outlet, and mom or dad catch him near one, just the word 'no' will put Hank in tears.

10. When mom and dad go bye-bye

Hank's Favorite Things

1. Sweet Treats - cookies, brownies, and icecream. Hank has only recently discovered chocolate but he has already developed an addiction. He loves to share bites with mom and dad whenever we have dessert. He gets excited when we go to the grocery store because they always give him a free cookie at the bakery.

2. Being Outdoors

3. Reading Books

4. Watching big kids play

5. When Daddy comes home - As soon as Hank hears the sound of the garage door raising, he starts yelling for "dada" and comes running to the door.

6. His blankie - just this past week Hank has become really lovey with his blankie. He drags it around in one hand wherever he goes, chews on it, hugs it, and lays on top of it. Of course, Hankie also loves his binkie.

7. Giving kisses - when he's in an amorous mood, look out because he just starts laying big wet ones on anyone in kissing distance.

8. Ds. Of all the noises and words he's mastered, he really likes the consonant 'D' the most.

9. Playing at the park

10. Making a mess - I really think its a talent that Hank is able to tear the house limb from limb in five seconds flat.

11. Cheerios - real or pretend. Hank loves to snack on Cheerios or pretend that he is eating them in the picture in his Cheerio book.

12. Bathtime

13. Singing songs

14. The pantry - if we leave the door to the pantry open a half-inch, Hank can be found sitting on the floor surrounded with all his bags and boxes of baby food.

15. Being Surprised - instead of old fashioned peek-a-boo, Hank likes it when I sneek up on him and roar. He gets startled and then immediately bursts into laughter.

16. Being Naked

17. Pushing buttons - I know he likes to push my buttons, figuratively, but he really likes to push the real buttons: remotes, DVD players

18. Keys

19. Taking walks

20. Mom and Dad!


You know your kid must be super cute when random strangers approach you in the park to take his picture....that or the photographer is just creepy. Wednesday night Hank and I were cheering Aaron on at his softball game when a man with a camera approached me, gave me his business card, and asked me if he could take Hank's picture. I was a little caught off guard and let him take a few pictures as long as I was right by Hank's side. Aaron was less trusting. He marched off the softball field and told the guy that he'd taken enough pictures and the man promptly left. In the world today, you just can't be too careful. Well, I checked out the guy's website and found that he seemed to be a reputable photographer who works for National Geographic. I emailed him to see if he'd send me copies of the pictures and here is what he sent.

Daddy's Helper

As an early birthday present, I bought Aaron a new lawnmower. Aaron has taken such pride in our lawn that he practically mows it everyday just so he can make a stripe pattern in the grass. Here is a picture of Aaron's John Deere next to Hank's Tommy the Lawnmower.

When We're Helping We're Happy...

I am so amazed at how much Hank understands. He understands and can follow simple commands (when he decides to obey) like "bring me the ball" or "close the door." For example, in the evenings, Hank plays outside while I water my flowers. Well, the other night, we went outside as usual and Hank decided to water my flowers for me. He found the bucket in the garage, carried it to the water spout, filled up his bucket (I had to empty all but an inch out so he could lift it), carried it to the yard, and dumped the water on the flowers. He's such a smartypants!


Whenever I am tidying up the house, I leave things on the stairs so that I can put them away the next time I go upstairs. I saw a pair of Hank's shoes next to Aaron's shoes and couldn't help taking a picture. These are Hank's size 3s and Aaron's size 13s.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

New 'Do

After years of agonizing over whether to cut my hair short and getting talked out of the idea every time, I finally cut my hair fairly short last week. I don't know if the cut itself didn't work or if my hair is just naturally poofy, but I ended up looking like a pumpkin head. When I came home, I asked Aaron what he thought of my new 'do and he said, "I think it looks great hon, but it kind of looks like you're wearing a helmet." Fantastic. I had my neighbor, who just finished beauty school, come over last night and trim down the sides and now I think I'm really happy with it. I'm pretty easy-come, easy-go with hair so I like the change. I'm a little nerveous to have lost my go-to ponytail but I guess if I'm having a bad hairday I'll just wear a hat!

Blue Angels

Today we took Hank to see the Blue Angels' air show at the Seafair in Seattle. We couldn't get him to look up to see the planes overhead but he definately heard them. When the planes would fly over, we had to cover Hank's ears because the noise is deafening and he'd get scared. So aside from the fact that he was oblivious to the airshow, he had a great time. He really enjoyed sharing dad's barbeque chips and playing in the grass.

Sunday Best

There's nothing I love more than a clean little boy in a white shirt, tie, and suspenders. He looks like such a little man when he gets dressed up for church. Lately, we've been cheating and taking Hank in early to the nursery class. He doesn't seem to have any seperation problems at all. He heads straight for the graham crackers and enjoys watching all the bigger kids play. I just have to watch really closely to make sure that he doesn't get stepped on or pushed around. For the most part, he defends himself well. He's getting so big! He used to reach into the bottom drawer, then he'd peer into the middle drawer, and now nothing is off limits because he can reach onto the table top!