Sunday, August 31, 2008

the Big 3-1 !

Happy Birthday to YOU!
Happy Birthday to YOU!
Happy Birthday dear Aaron,
Happy Birthday to YOU!

I feel bad because Aaron's birthday has been a little overshadowed by my manic urge to clean, can, and nest before the baby arrives and since its Sunday, we haven't been able to celebrate the way we normally would. I was hoping I would be able to give Aaron another son for his birthday but it doesn't look like that will be the case. Nonetheless, I wanted to wish Aaron a happy, happy birthday! Aaron, I love you to pieces! You are special to me everyday.

Canning Fools

Our ward has really been emphasizing the importance of living providently so I have made an effort this past week to educate myself about food storgage techniques, specifically home canning. Last week I canned tomatoe sauce and stewed tomatoes and last night Liz and I canned millions of peaches. I still have a box of pears waiting to ripen and apples in the freezer that are waiting to become applesauce. I was happy with our final product--I thought the peaches turned out beautiful!

Date Night

Our typical Friday night date usually consists of a fast meal at Red Robin or a stroll through Costco. We usually don't have the time or money to have fancy, romantic dates anymore so when we do its a special treat. This past Friday night, Aaron planned a special, surprise date night for me that made me get the butterflies like when we were dating and everything. We started the night at Daniel's Broiler, a fancy steakhouse on Lake Washington. It was fun to eat someplace upscale where the cups aren't take-home souveniers and the menu doesn't have a coloring page on the back. Afterwards, we did a little shopping in downtown Seattle and found Aaron a few pre-birthday birthday presents. Then, the main event: my very first ever concert! Aaron surprised me with tickets to see my very favorite group, BoyzIIMen. Don't laugh. I know they're old school, but I LOVE them! We had such a blast. I felt like a little teeny-bopper with a perma-grin on my face, screaming and flailing my arms like crazy. The music brought back a flood of so many good memories. I love my husband for being so thoughtful and romantic and treating me to such a fun surprise:)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Ready Already

Any day now.....

Family of Soon-to-Be 4

I wanted to hurry and get a picture to capture what our family looks like before we become a family of 4. Who knows? By this time next Sunday I may have 3 handsome boys to dress up in matching shirts and ties.

Not For Sale

On Saturday we purged all of the junk that had collected in our house and had a garage sale. Hank thought it was a fun treat to wake up early and get to sit outside in his PJs. I almost regret selling my old papasan because Hank sat contently in the chair with his blankie and a baggie of cereal for over an hour!

Looking Good

We took Hank for a much-needed haircut and Hank didn't mind at all! In the past, I have dreaded getting Hank's haircut because we both usually leave the store cranky, exhausted, and covered in hair. This time, Hank sat in the firetruck seat, took a sucker in each hand, and got his hair cut like a big boy.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Mission Accomplished

I can finally put a big, fat checkmark on my "To-Do" list next to 'decorate nursery.' I love it! I am really happy with the way that the room turned out. Everything is ready...just need the baby!

My photography skills are lacking--the lighting is off--so you can't get a true sense for how pretty the curtains actually are.

"Two Nanas!"

My mom and my mother-in-law both visited on Saturday and Hank thought he had died and gone to heaven...he soaked up every bit of attention and kept walking around repeating, "two nanas!" What a lucky boy to have two wonderful nanas!

Baby Shower

A good friend of mine was nice enough to host a baby shower for me on Saturday and another friend made this beautiful tasted as good as it looked!

Monday, August 11, 2008


One of my favorite parts of our day is when when we put Hank down to bed (...not just because it means we get to enjoy a little peace and quiet) and say our prayers together. Aaron and I alternate saying the family prayer and afterwards Hank insists that he gets a turn to say his own prayer, too. Aaron helps Hank by prompting him with the phrase, "we thank thee for ---" and then Hank fills in the blank. This is Hank's prayer:

"HEAVENLY (father),
(We thank thee for this)....DAY....MAMA....DADA...NANA...PAPA....BABY
Then, depending on the night, Hank will also express gratitude for his home, his bed, his Teddy, his baba and binki, his buddies, church, nursery, and Jesus.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Finger Lickin' Good

Whats summer without a wet popcicle to cool you down? This afternoon Hank and I treated ourselves to a a yummy popcicle treat. It reminded me of that old tootsie roll commercial, "how many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?" At the rate Hank licks, one popcicle kept him busy for a solid twenty minutes. I think more popcicle ended up on his clothes than made it in his mouth, but he enjoyed it nonetheless.

Clean up with the hose was fun, too!

Sunday, August 3, 2008


On Friday, Aaron and I took Hank to a local park with a brandnew playsystem. The play structures were swamped with other kids, mostly older than Hank. We let Hank loose to play and explore and he seemed to be having a really good time. He found a little cave-type spot beneath a slide and was busy spinning steering wheels. Aaron and I took a seat on a nearby bench and checked in with Hank periodically. I had just peeked in to find Hank playing with the steering wheels and mingling with some older kids, when I made the comment to Aaron that I was so glad that we have boys in that boys tend to take care of themselves and be somewhat self-reliant. No sooner had I made that comment when we saw a 4 year old kid run out of the little cave, bawling, and complaining to his mom that he had been punched by another kid. Aaron and I looked at each other nervously, hoping that Hank wasn't the offender. Aaron went to check on Hank and, as he got close, saw that some mean kid was full on throwing punches at Hank left and right! Aaron was FUMING mad and grabbed the kid by the arm and yelled at him to stop hitting. Hank didn't really know what to do--he was just stunned. Aaron brought Hank to me for some hugs and I made sure that there wasn't any serious injury (I seriously thought he was going to have a black eye because he eye was dark and swollen) and turned him loose to play some more. After the initial shock, Hank didn't seem to be bothered at all but Aaron and I were still seething over the incident. What kind of kid punches a two-year-old in the face? Poor Hank has no experience with brothers or fighting of any kind, so he didn't know how to react. I'm not sure what the moral of the story is: teach Hank self-defense? find a new park? hunt down the mean kid? Aaron wanted Hank to have slugged the kid back, but I don't think its in Hank's nature to be aggressive. He's a lover not a fighter. I'm just mad that Hank got beat up by a bully at the park!

3rd Annual Blue Angels Day

Aaron has fond memories of watching the Blue Angels performance each year during the Seafair festival growing up, and so he has passed on his special tradition to our little family. Grandma and Grandpa Grover, Aaron, Hank and I, all packed a picnic and enjoyed the airshow from a little beach on Lake Washington. Aaron took video of the whole show to share with his siblings, but I really don't think the camera can do the show of those things where you just have to be there to see and feel. It was incredible to see (and HEAR) the jets roar overhead in perfect formation. Hank was only mildly impressed....the airshow took place during his regular naptime so he was a little out of sorts and he was also more interested in making friends with the little boy sitting beside us. All in all, we had a blast! Can't wait for next year!

True Love

You know your husband must really love you when he agrees to polish your toes for you. With my limited flexibility, painting my toes is always a challenge. But, when I have to maneuver around a basketball-sized tummy, the task is near impossible. So, my sweet husband gave me a looks great, as long as you don't look too close:)

Friday, August 1, 2008

1 Down...1 To Go

Our house has been under construction the past month or two while we've been working on moving the office, furnishing the new nursery, and redecorating Hank's room. I had no idea how much work was involved in rearranging a few rooms! This morning I put the final touches on Hank's room and I'm really happy with the final product! As soon as the curtains are finished, then I'll have the nursery ready to go, too! It feels so good to be able to put a big, fat checkmark on my "To Do" list!!