Sunday, September 16, 2012

It's Settled

I would be the happiest Mom on earth if the boys decided to attend my alma mater, BYU. Aside from being a solid's only 20 minutes from home! I would consider allowing the boys to move away from home post-graduation...all the way to Provo....if they agreed to come home each weekend for Sunday dinner. Hmmm, maybe I should write this up in a contract now. Annnyway, we took the boys to the BYU campus yesterday to get the family dudded up in BYU apparell and stopped at the BYU creamery while we were there.

Sign him up! Is he not the cutest little linebacker you've ever seen?

Max is 4!

Happy Birthday to my sweetheart Max! I love this special little boy. Max is a lover. He loves to hold my hand, cuddle with me in the evening, and will randomly state, "Mom, you're the best!" I always say, if I'm ever feeling a little grouchy, the best medicine is spending ten minutes with Max--he just has a way of lightening my mood. Max is awesome at sharing. If he is given a cookie, he will always ask if he can have another to give to Hank. If he is playing with a toy, he willingly gives it to his brother to have a turn first. Max has the best smile, and, 99% of the time is just a happy kid. But that only 1%, look out. Max has a stubborn streak and can throw a fit like a champ--going stark-raving crazy in the middle of a busy checkout lane when denied the purchase of a snorkel mask, of all things. Max loves to be my helper--he is my right-hand man when it comes to baking cookies and making dinner and he loves to help me dust the furniture and clean the windows (I know he secretly thinks the cleaner is a next-best quirt gun). Max is our best eater and loves to eat whatever Daddy is eating; his favorite is pizza and hotdogs, just like Dad. Which, I guess isn't surprising since Max has become a Daddy's boy. Traitor. Max adores his Dad and jumps at the opportunity to ride in Dad's truck, sit on Dad's lap, or watch Dad mow the lawn. Dad is pretty happy that Max has taken an interest in golfing--Max loves his hit his "golfs," as he likes to say. In our home Max is loud and rambunctious. At school or at church, Max turns ultra-shy and has to be pried from my legs, kicking and screaming. Max has always been a great sleeper. We never have to fight Max to go to bed. In fact, he usually has to be carried to bed because he claims he is too tired to climb up the stairs to his bedroom. Max is one special little boy and we love him to peices! Happy Birthday Maxy-boy!

After being given the honor of the "student of the week" at preschool, Aaron and I took Max out to lunch at his favorite restaraunt--you guessed it, McDonald's.

Afterwards, Aaron took the boys to the trampoline place, the Birthday Boy's special request.

Later that night, we had a pizza party with Nana Z, Nana and Papa Grover, and our cousins. Max was super excited about his new nerf gun, bow and arrow set, and his new bike.

Its Not Whether You Win or Lose...

Classic. If you are ever in need of a good laugh, come check out these boys play soccer. It's hilarious. Max flat out refused to play during his first game unless Aaron held his hand, so we're just thrilled that he is even willing to step on the field--forget dribbling, passing, and scoring goals. Max is absolutely oblivious to the game going on around him, he just rans from one side of the field to the other, giving Aaron and I big "thumbs up" signs.

I think Hank has a bright future on defense--he has a talent for just being in the way. He doesn't get his foot on the ball often--always just one step behind--but he is great at jamming things up.

Shaping Up

Little Joey has been giving Mommy a run for her money these days. He hasn't got the hang of sleeping through the night, he isn't so interested in baby food, and he complains unless he is being carried and in constant motion. Tired Mommy told Joey he better shape up--or else. Smart Joey figured out this new trick--sitting up--and is a much, much happier baby...making Mommy happy, too.

Stick a Fork In It

HE'S DONE! This little boy is sooo happy to be done with 60 hours of therapy! Woohoo! You made it, Benny! Was it worth all the hardwork, sweat, and tears? The results say it all: Benny is on the go, a full-fledged walking machine!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Look Who is a Preschooler!

From the moment he woke up, Max began his protest against starting preschool. He didn't want to get dressed, he didn't want to eat breakfast, he didn't want to comb his hair--he did NOT want to go to preschool. Poor Max had to be pried from Dad's legs, left at preschool kicking and screaming. Magically, when Nana Z returned two hours later to pick him up, he had two thumbs up and declared that preschool was awesome! So, these photos were taken after his first day of preschool. 

"I Can" Do Hard Things

Ben started an intensive, four-hour each day, therapy program at a facility in Provo called "Now I Can" last week. The therapy involves a rigorous combination of specific patterns of stretching/positioning, the use of a "neuro suit" (see below), spider therapy, neuro-developmental therapy, and functional physical therapy. We enrolled Ben in this special program because we were looking for big results: we wanted Ben to become a competent walker. We knew at the outset that the program would be challenging--nothing worthwhile comes easy, right? We are now a week and a half into our session--It. Is. HARD! Last week Ben cried hysterically for four-hours straight, five days in a row. I thought my heart was going to literally break in two--pure torture for us both! The expression parents use before disciplining their children, "this will hurt me more than it hurts you," could not be more true. It has been gut-wrenching to watch Ben struggle. If I didn't love him so much, I would have never put him through such a difficult experience. But, I love Ben too much--I want the world for him and expect nothing less--and felt we had to do this for him, even if he doesn't appreciate it right now. I am so proud of how hard Ben has worked this week--literally dripping with sweat after each session--and so excited to see his progress. In just a week and a half, Ben has made tons of improvement in his walking. Benny, I know you can do it. You CAN do hard things! Never forget it.

Labor Day in the SLC

When Nana and Papa Z came to visit over Labor Day, we got to visit temple square and tour the conference center. Temple Square is such a special place...I love the beautiful grounds, the pairs of international missionaries roaming around, and the brides being photographed on their special day.

Happy Day of Birth

It's mindblowing that I'm married to a thirty-five year old man! How did that happen?! Weren't we just two college kids, madly in love, frolicking on the beach without a care in the world just yesterday?? Crazy! I'm so glad you were born, Honey. I love you to the moon and stars and back! Happy Birthday!