Wednesday, September 5, 2012

"I Can" Do Hard Things

Ben started an intensive, four-hour each day, therapy program at a facility in Provo called "Now I Can" last week. The therapy involves a rigorous combination of specific patterns of stretching/positioning, the use of a "neuro suit" (see below), spider therapy, neuro-developmental therapy, and functional physical therapy. We enrolled Ben in this special program because we were looking for big results: we wanted Ben to become a competent walker. We knew at the outset that the program would be challenging--nothing worthwhile comes easy, right? We are now a week and a half into our session--It. Is. HARD! Last week Ben cried hysterically for four-hours straight, five days in a row. I thought my heart was going to literally break in two--pure torture for us both! The expression parents use before disciplining their children, "this will hurt me more than it hurts you," could not be more true. It has been gut-wrenching to watch Ben struggle. If I didn't love him so much, I would have never put him through such a difficult experience. But, I love Ben too much--I want the world for him and expect nothing less--and felt we had to do this for him, even if he doesn't appreciate it right now. I am so proud of how hard Ben has worked this week--literally dripping with sweat after each session--and so excited to see his progress. In just a week and a half, Ben has made tons of improvement in his walking. Benny, I know you can do it. You CAN do hard things! Never forget it.


Lauralee said...

those pictures break my heart. I don't know how you stood it! well... you know there is a big pay off! Being the mom is hard too! Way to go- both of you!

Derrinda said...

Ben really does have the best mom in the world!