Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Tulip Festival

Our evening at the tulip festival at the thanksgiving point gardens was magical. The fields of vibrant blooms were spectacular, but what made the night so incredible was that the breathtaking scenery happened to coincide with one of those rare occasions where everyone was in a delightful mood and we spent several hours just enjoying being in one anothers' company. We brought a picnic dinner to share in a secluded grassy area and then we rented a golf cart to cruise the acres of flowers on wheels. The boys were not only tolerant of my requests to take pictures, but even asked me to take pictures of them (and I happily obliged). It was a feast for the senses: rushing streams and roaring waterfalls, rolling green hills and flowers in every color combination, hanging lanterns and floating umbrellas...we took it all in in wonderment. Truly, it was one of my most favorite evenings all year. 

Daddy Date

Aaron is really good about spending time with each of the boys, and they crave his attention. Aaron surprised Hank with a Daddy Lunch Date and a trip to the batting cages for some one on one time, just because. 

Benny's Tooth

I wasn't sure how Ben would react to having a loose, wiggly tooth that falls out and leaves a hole in its place. I guess he's watched his brothers lose enough teeth that he wasn't bothered by it at all. When the tooth was hanging on by a a pack meeting of all places...he calmly allowed Aaron to pop it out. He looks pretty cute with that little space in his gums and he feels pretty proud of himself, too.

Big League

Max's baseball team was invited to tour the UVU baseball stadium, run onto the field with the team, and join the players in the national anthem. Such a fun night for the boys to watch the big kids play ball. I love my little slugger in his uniform.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Bike Park

Between our back to back birthday parties, a waterfall hike, a family movie day, and an outing at the bike park, I feel like spring break was a major success! My favorite part is that we spent so much time together as a family, just being outdoors or just being together. I love getting to spend time together--I was sad to have to send them back to school. 

The bike park was a huge hit. We started on the bunny slopes but once Hank and Max got the hang of it, they quickly graduated to the more advanced tracks and felt pretty cool when they were able to get some air on the jumps (an inch or two;) 

A Grover First

Thank you $5 Tuesday for allowing us to take all seven of us to the movies without having to spend a fortune. Rocky and Ben got antsy when the popcorn ran out, and Ben fell asleep mid-way through, but we were able to watch an entire full length movie as a family!

Spring Break Hike

This hike was just right for us: very little effort for a big rewarding waterfall. Just a half-mile climb up a well marked path and we got to play in a lovely natural waterfall. Afterwards we enjoyed a picnic at a park and then headed off to baseball practice. 

Happy Birthday Benny!

Happy Birthday Benny Boy!

Benny stole my heart six years ago and has held it ever since. Those dimples, his easy laugh, and his tender personality just melt me. Ben is brave, smart, and joyful. He is possibly my most responsible and obedient child: he never loses his shoes, he always does what he is asked to do, he reminds me of any upcoming tasks, he never complains about doing homework, he goes straight to sleep at bedtime and he follows house rules faithfully. Pretty much a dream child! Ben loves to bead, build Legos, create patterns, sort colors, and play games on the iPad. Ben is exploring so many new foods; it's fun to introduce him to brand new pleasures like ice cream and jelly beans that he has never tried before. Ben reads proficiently, his handwriting has improved bunches, and has an aptitude for math. Ben enjoys being around others, but can keep himself occupied playing alone for hours. Ben loves to swim and swing at the park. 

Surprise, surprise, Benny chose to celebrate his birthday with a bowling party with a couple of his buddies. We bowled, played games at the arcade and had pizza and cake for lunch. 

Ben got new beads, gears, a lite brite, and flannel pjs made by Nana Z that he wears all day everyday.

Benny is truly a joy and we love him to bits. Happy Birthday, Ben!

Happy Birthday Joey!

Happy Birthday to my sweet Joey Bear! 

It took me a little while to realize that some of the personality traits that I find so challenging in a little boy, are the very characteristics that make Joey so special, unique, and will ultimately I'm sure make Joey a successful person in life. I am amazed by Joey's charisma, assertiveness, and intelligence. He truly is a one in a million kid and I feel so lucky that he's mine.

Joey is too smart for his own good and has been keeping up with his big brothers well before I felt comfortable allowing him to tag along behind them down the street. He loves to do things for himself and learns very quickly. Joey has the most charming little precocious, bubbly, charismatic personality and will approach complete strangers and strike up engaging conversation. He has an angelic look about him, but can be quite fiesty when he wants to be. Joey radiates light and energy. He is adored by his brothers and has endeared himself to them by allowing them to 'mother' him a little bit--Max and Joey in particular have a very special relationship. Joey is super fast and has pretty good coordination for his age. He loves to play with cars and trucks, play in the sandbox and ride his scooter outside, and he's happiest when he's alongside his brothers.

Everyone made such an effort to make Joey feel special on his birthday. Lots of hugs were given and songs were sung, and Joey was even given the honor of wearing Max's baseball hat and necklace for the day.

We stopped for breakfast donuts on the way to the bouncy place. Joey chose the pink donut with sprinkles. 

That sweet little face just melts my heart. 

Joey got new shoes for his birthday and for some reason when he put on those clunky sneakers he just assumed his age and suddenly looked like a 4 year old. 

Joey is having fun learning to ride his bike. It won't be long before he's ready to rip off those training wheels.

We love you, Joey!