Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Happy Birthday Joey!

Happy Birthday to my sweet Joey Bear! 

It took me a little while to realize that some of the personality traits that I find so challenging in a little boy, are the very characteristics that make Joey so special, unique, and will ultimately I'm sure make Joey a successful person in life. I am amazed by Joey's charisma, assertiveness, and intelligence. He truly is a one in a million kid and I feel so lucky that he's mine.

Joey is too smart for his own good and has been keeping up with his big brothers well before I felt comfortable allowing him to tag along behind them down the street. He loves to do things for himself and learns very quickly. Joey has the most charming little precocious, bubbly, charismatic personality and will approach complete strangers and strike up engaging conversation. He has an angelic look about him, but can be quite fiesty when he wants to be. Joey radiates light and energy. He is adored by his brothers and has endeared himself to them by allowing them to 'mother' him a little bit--Max and Joey in particular have a very special relationship. Joey is super fast and has pretty good coordination for his age. He loves to play with cars and trucks, play in the sandbox and ride his scooter outside, and he's happiest when he's alongside his brothers.

Everyone made such an effort to make Joey feel special on his birthday. Lots of hugs were given and songs were sung, and Joey was even given the honor of wearing Max's baseball hat and necklace for the day.

We stopped for breakfast donuts on the way to the bouncy place. Joey chose the pink donut with sprinkles. 

That sweet little face just melts my heart. 

Joey got new shoes for his birthday and for some reason when he put on those clunky sneakers he just assumed his age and suddenly looked like a 4 year old. 

Joey is having fun learning to ride his bike. It won't be long before he's ready to rip off those training wheels.

We love you, Joey!

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