Monday, August 10, 2009

Little Piggy Bank

So, this morning started out same as usual....I was busy getting ready in the bathroom, while the kids were watching cartoons on my bed and playing together. From the bathroom, I can keep pretty close tabs on the kids by watching them in the mirror. Well, one second Max is playing happily on his tummy, the next second he is on his back and making coughing/gagging noises. Max has had a little cold this week, but I knew right away that it wasn't just a normal cough--he was choking. I race to the bed and pick him up and start pounding on his back right away. I can tell that he is still breathing through his nose, but his eyes are a little rolled back and he is making gurgling/sputtering noises so I knew it was serious. I quickly run through my options: call 911 (decided I didn't have 20 minutes to wait for an ambulance), call Aaron (again, what good would a phone call have done?), practice the heimlich manuever I learned in a babysitting class when I was 11 (not sure if I could trust my memory and I didn't want to get the object lodged any deeper), keep pounding away. I felt completely helpless. I put Max high over my shoulder and pounded on his back. After a few minutes (seemed like forever) he launched a heavy stream of mucus (yep, all over me). Even though Max was still choking, I felt like I had made progress, so I kept pounding on his back. Another eternity passes, and out pops this:
As soon as he purged the nickel Max was right back to his happy-smiley self. I felt so relieved that Max was ok and started shaking from the adrenaline. Tonight for FHE we're going to make Hank a piggy bank to keep all of his loose change secure. What a scary experience! I will be saying my prayers of thanks.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

*** UPDATE ***

So I've become a little bit of a coupon junkie and I'm addicted to the thrill of saving money--I've made three more trips to Albertsons this week to stock up on great stuff! In total, I bought:

30 jars of pasta sauce (hey, we like spaghetti and it keeps really well)
12 boxes of cereal
12 jars of peanut butter
8 boxes of fruit snacks
4 boxes of brownie mixes
2 cookie mixes
2 refrigerated cookie doughs
2 4-packs of yogurt
3 bottles of salad dressing
4 containers of laundry detergent
2 bottles of shampoo
2 deoderants

Retail total: 296.09
I paid: 46.22!!! + $15 rebate left to spend
Total savings: 249.87!!

Monday, August 3, 2009


Thats what I said to Albertson's when I walked out of the grocery store today with 18 jars of Ragu pasta sauce, 8 boxes of cereal, two brownie mixes, two fruit snacks, two packages of yogurt, and a bottle of salad dressing......for $8.00!!! For real!
Albertson's has a great promotion going on right now where if you spend $30 on participating items you get a $15 coupon good for your next order. So, I clipped coupons from the paper, printed coupons online, used my double coupons, and applied the $15 rebates, and I ended up getting $105.00 worth of groceries for only $8.00! Booya! I have to say, it was a little embarassing to pull out my wad of coupons, insist that I be rung up in two separate transactions, and then fight to get my advertised rebates, but I fought the man, and I won! I got a couple dirty looks from the customers behind me, but I just held up my head and said, "pick another checkout lane, honey!"

Sweet Moment

The other day we were riding in the car together when Aaron made a passing comment about his mission. Hank's ears immediately perked up, his eyes got bright, and he said, "Dad! Were you a missionary?" Aaron proudly told him that he went on a mission and then reminded Hank that someday he could be a missionary too. With a little quiver in his voice, Hank said, "will you help me?" Aaron told him that he would have to go on his mission by himself but that mommy and daddy would make sure that he was ready when it was time. Then Hank asked what he needed to do to be ready. We told him that he needed to learn about Jesus, save his money, and work on his testimony. Hank asked a few other questions about why the missionaries don't drive cars and trucks, why they have to save their money, and why they stay in one place. We were able to have such a sweet, mature little conversation with Hank. It made me realize the great responsibility that I have, as a mother, to prepare my sons to be worthy priesthood holders, to have strong testimonies, and to be strong men, so that they can one day be great missionaries. What a responsibility!

T-Ball Disaster

Judging from his first T-ball game on Saturday, it doesn't look like Hank will be drafted into the majors this year. Hank's team, the Bullets, took the field first. Hank (with the help of Aaron) manned second base. It seemed that Hank was enjoying himself--whenever the ball came his way, Aaron helped him grab it and throw it back to the pitcher. When it was Hank's turn to bat, he took a solid swing at the ball, made contact, and hit a nice, respectable, little bunt. I guess Hank got bored with the waiting, because when his teammate hit the ball and it was time for Hank to advance bases from second to third, Hank turned the corner and kept on running....ran past third base, ran right through the neighboring baseball field, ran around the fence, and stopped at the playground. We couldn't get Hank to leave the playground to finish his game. He decided playing on the slide and climbing up the playstructure was more fun that standing still in the middle of a hot field and waiting for a ball to roll his way.

Its too bad he isn't more enthusiastic about the game because he sure makes a cute little T-baller!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Our Family Pictures

Last week we had our family pictures are a few of my favorites:

LOVE, Love, love this picture.

It must have been a twilight zone moment, because Hank and Max were both cooperating with the picture taking--we had so much fun!

In the next few frames (not included here) those rocks in Max's hands go directly into his mouth.

As we walked along the river trail, we would count to three and then lift Hank off the ground. Now, anytime we walk together, Hank grabs our hands and starts counting...

Just precious. He probably won't give me little kisses forever, so I have to enjoy it while it lasts.

These two make my heart melt.

the Blue Angels

One of our favorite family traditions is to watch the Blue Angels airshow at the Seafair each year. Aaron said that watching the Blue Angels brings a little tear to his eye--there is something magical about the precision and speed of those jets.

Max caught a glimpse of the jets when they flew overhead, but he wasn't that impressed.

The jets were so LOUD, we had to cover Hank's ears.

Lake Chelan

We spent 4 fun-filled, HOT, days on vacation at Lake Chelan with Aaron's family (Nana and Papa Grover, Uncle Andy, Aunt Britney, Baylee, and Sidney, Uncle Tim, Katelyn, and Claire, Uncle D, Aunt Robyn, Macie, and Hailey).

On Monday we visited a little petting zoo and the kiddos got to see all kinds of farm animals.

In the afternoon, we cooled off at the lake. At first, Hank was too timid to get in the water very deep--playing with his bucket and shovel on the shore, instead.

Max loved reclining on the floatie and soaking up the sun.

I was so proud of Hank when he agreed to go on a ride on the jetski. He loved it! I don't know what happened while he was jetskiing, but some little switch was flipped, and from that point forward, Hank was brave and adventurous. We couldn't keep him out of the lake and he loved swimming in the water. I was so proud to see Hank grow up a little bit, but it was also a little sad because Hank wanted to do everything by himself, without his mom.

On Tuesday, we spent the day at a waterpark. Hank went down the slides no fewer than 100 times, literally. Everytime Hank went down the slide, Papa would wait at the bottom to catch him, and Hank would say, "I want to do that again!" over and over, and over.

Hank even went down the big slides, all by himself!

We loved getting to know and spending time with all of our cute little neices (Katelyn, Claire, Baylee, Sydney (Max and Hank), Hailey, and Macie). We wish we lived closer and could play together more often:)

On Wednesday, we went to Chelan Falls Park. The boys played softball while the kids played at the playground. Afterwards, everyone was exhausted and we decided to go back home to let the kids take a nap. I have never seen Hank so tired before. He layed down in bed and promptly fell asleep. After a couple hours, we tried to wake him up because it was nearing dinner time. Hank didn't budge. The poor boy was completely worn out.

On the way back home, we stopped in Leavenworth, a cute little Bavarian town. The worst part about vacation is the end. I wish everyday could be a vacation. Thanks Grover family for the fun week! Lets do it again!