Monday, August 3, 2009

Sweet Moment

The other day we were riding in the car together when Aaron made a passing comment about his mission. Hank's ears immediately perked up, his eyes got bright, and he said, "Dad! Were you a missionary?" Aaron proudly told him that he went on a mission and then reminded Hank that someday he could be a missionary too. With a little quiver in his voice, Hank said, "will you help me?" Aaron told him that he would have to go on his mission by himself but that mommy and daddy would make sure that he was ready when it was time. Then Hank asked what he needed to do to be ready. We told him that he needed to learn about Jesus, save his money, and work on his testimony. Hank asked a few other questions about why the missionaries don't drive cars and trucks, why they have to save their money, and why they stay in one place. We were able to have such a sweet, mature little conversation with Hank. It made me realize the great responsibility that I have, as a mother, to prepare my sons to be worthy priesthood holders, to have strong testimonies, and to be strong men, so that they can one day be great missionaries. What a responsibility!

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Britney and Andy said...

That is so cute. Hank is adorable. That is definitely a sweet moment to remember.