Monday, February 16, 2009


I go stir-crazy if I'm cooped up in the house too long, so as long as its somewhat dry outside, the poor kiddos get bundled up like eskimos and thrown in the stroller for a brisk walk.

Max loves being outdoors, and, as an added bonus, he enjoys chewing on his hat strap!

Pictures Don't Lie

The pictures say it all...can't you just see the mischief and cleverness bursting out of this sweet boy?

Can't Get Enough

Same kid, same chubby mug, same great big grin....just can't get enough. I have to hold myself back from just pinching those little cheeks. Love that face--love that boy!

Brotherly Love

Sometimes Hank will crawl into Max's crib after naptime to snuggle up with his baby brother.

So sweet. Last week, we were teaching our FHE lesson with Hank while Max was snoozing in his swing in the other room. Hank decided that Max should join us so he dragged Max out of the swing and brought him, carrying him bear-hug style, to us. Aaron and I were first impressed that Hank was able to lug Max over and second alarmed that poor Max got man-handled by his big brother.

Matching Sunday outfits! I can't stand how cute they looked yesterday in their matching courdroys, blue shirts, and ties!

Yesterday, Today & Forever

For Valentine's Day we helped Hank make his own cards. We cut the hearts and Hank pasted them on the cards, drew beautiful pictures, and dictated to us what he wanted written on each card.

Aaron and I celebrated the day with a lunch date at the Cheesecake Factory. Aaron knew me well enough to pass on the flowers and go double on the chocolates. Over our yummy meal, we recollected our Valentine's Days' over the past 6+ years, noting how, as our lives have changed, our love for one another has not only deepened but changed. Sometimes I wish I could go back and re-experience the kind of infatuation/love that we shared during our early dating days....when we couldn't go anywhere without holding hands, when we'd call each other just to say "I love you," or when bringing home a special surprise wasn't so surprising. It seems that our love now is more founded on sacrifice, selflessness, and contentment. Yesterday, as Aaron sang in the choir at church, I felt those old fluttery feelings, and I fell in love with that boy with the deep voice who sang in the BYU talent show (and won), all over again.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Mini Missionary

Some days I'm convinced that I'm doing more damage to my children than good, but moments like we had today made me feel like I must be doing something right. This morning at Hank's doctor's appointment the doctor greeted Hank by shaking his hand and Hank said, "hey, just like dada's home teachers!" The doctor looked at me, perplexed by Hank's comment, and I had to explain who our hometeachers are. Later, Hank found a small ramp in the facility, ran to the top, and then proudly said, "welcome to family home evening!" (In our house, Aaron begins family home evening each week by greeting us from the landing on our stairs while we watch from below in the living room) and I again had to explain what on earth he was talking about. Hank is literally a human sponge and I'm just glad that he seems to have absorbed some of the important things that we have been trying to teach him.