Monday, February 16, 2009

Brotherly Love

Sometimes Hank will crawl into Max's crib after naptime to snuggle up with his baby brother.

So sweet. Last week, we were teaching our FHE lesson with Hank while Max was snoozing in his swing in the other room. Hank decided that Max should join us so he dragged Max out of the swing and brought him, carrying him bear-hug style, to us. Aaron and I were first impressed that Hank was able to lug Max over and second alarmed that poor Max got man-handled by his big brother.

Matching Sunday outfits! I can't stand how cute they looked yesterday in their matching courdroys, blue shirts, and ties!

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melissa said...

Oh my goodness he max is getting so big, so fast. I love their matching outfits too. They are too cute!!!!!!!!!!