Thursday, December 13, 2007

Merry Almost Christmas!

There is a reason why we pay people to take professional pictures....because Hank is too wiggly and squirmy to sit still for two seconds and I have to literally take hundreds of shots just to get one decent picture. I guess it makes it worth all the hassle when I get a cute photo. Notice Hank has his two upper front teeth, his two lower front teeth and all four molars. I think he's working on filling in the teeth in between now though.

Let the Fun Begin!

This morning Hank and I stepped outside to pick up the milk delivery and found a package sitting on our porch. Not knowing who the sender of the package was, I opened up the box, secretly hoping that its contents were unwrapped. No such luck. I'll have to wait another week to find out whats inside the packages. Man, if Hank had this much fun with the packing peanuts, imagine how much fun the actual presents are going to be!

Let it Snow!

There are some places that wouldn't even classify the amount of snow we got on Sunday as snow since it barely even covered the surface and then disappeared as fast as it came. Over hear, we take what we can get and enjoy it while we've got it. Hank enjoyed the privilege of being able to play in the backyard but wasn't very impressed by the snow itself.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Daddy's Boy

Hank : 1

Score one for Hank. Every morning Hank and I engage in a battle over whether or not he gets to take his blankie into the bathtub with him or not. To appease him, I let him carry the blankie to the tub and then it sits outside waiting for him when he comes out. The other day, I ran out of the bathroom to grab Hank's towel, and when I came back, Hank had this smug look on his face and, sure enough, I looked down and saw that he'd snatched his blankie and was playing with it in the tub. Hank had a big grin on his face because he knew he'd gotten away with something but he sure wasn't happy when we had to wait for the blankie to finish drying in the dryer.

Dance Party

Hank is very open-minded in his music tastes - he appears to enjoy music ranging from primary songs to commercials on T.V. and even the ring tone on Aaron's cell phone. One afternoon last week, Hank had climbed his way on top of the kitchen table when a commerical came on TV and he didn't hesitate to bust a move.

Bad Idea

In my haste to spread the holiday spirit throughout or house, I made the mistake of filling our advent calendar with truffles and then leaving it in a place where it could be raided by Hank. The next morning, I come downstairs and find Hank sitting on top of the calendar, gorging himself with truffles, and little sparkly wrappers tossed about.

O Christmas Tree!

Last weekend we set out on our annual quest for the perfect Christmas tree. Apparently, we live in the Christmas tree capital because there are eight different Christmas tree farms right our on street. So, the search for the perfect tree was actually more like a ten minute park and shop trip. We had forgotten how much work is involved decorating a Christmas tree. We started out all gung-ho about it, but after a few hours of trimming it, hauling it inside, centering it, stringing the lights on, fighting with the garland, and then putting up the ornaments we were both ready to call it quits. I think the end result was worth the effort. I was a little hesitant to buy our tree so early in the month because I knew I would have to protect it from Hank. I was prepared to make a recording of myself saying "Hank, step away from the tree" to save myself the trouble of repeating the command every two seconds. It turns out that Hank is actually only interested in one single ornament. I finally gave in and let him have the ornament that he seems so fascinated with, and now he leaves the rest of the tree alone!