Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Happy Birthday to ME!!!

In reality, I'm only a day older than I was yesterday. However, the idea of turning 26 makes me feel really old. I can't believe that I'm now closer to 30 than I am to 20! In my mind, I feel like I'm still just a year or two out of high school. What really scares me is that it feels like the years are speeding by at a much faster rate than they used to. Earlier last week, when I was preparing for a major court hearing, I prayed that time would speed up. Now, I wish I could just pause time for awhile and enjoy where I'm at. All in all, I had a good birthday. A friend of mine took me out to lunch at the Olive Garden and then later Robyn and I treated ourselves to pedicures. That night, Aaron, Robyn, and D and I celebrated over dinner at the Claim Jumper. Between Hank's restlessness and Macie's hunger, I think we were the center of attention in the whole restaraunt but we had a good time. The next day, my parents and Adam and Brittany came to visit so I got two days of celebration instead of one. We went out to lunch at the Roadhouse, came back home and ate cake, and then played games. I definately feel well loved and well fed!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

White Christmas

After we finished opening presents on Christmas morning, we looked out the window to find that it was snowing! The snow didn't last long but it was fun while it lasted. Hank loved trying to catch the snow flakes.

Christmas Morning

Aaron, Hank, and I travelled from my parent's house to Aaron's parent's house bright and early on Christmas morning to spend Christmas Day with the Grovers. After opening presents the night before, Hank had a better idea of what opening presents was all about and this time wanted to help everyone open their gifts. Hank got a mini Kawasaki bike, tub time toys, and more puzzles. Aaron's favorite gift was his Tomtom GPS unit and my favorite gifts were my new coat and new purse.

Christmas Eve

In my family, we celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve. We begin the festivities with a fabulous buffet feast, then we read the Christmas story, and then the opening of the presents begins. Hank enjoyed crunching the wrapping paper and tearing open the boxes but wasn't entirely interested in the contents of the packages. He got just as much enjoyment out of playing with everyone else's wrapping paper as he did opening his own gifts. Hank got a pair of overalls with his name embroidered on the front, a teddy bear with a matching overall oufit, puzzles, books, and megablox.

Santa Claus

The week before Christmas, we took Hank and his 1 month old cousin, Macie, to see Santa Claus. After waiting in the horrendous line for an hour, Macie was out cold and Hank was nervous about sitting on Santa's lap.


One of my favorite Christmas traditions is to bake bunches of cookies and then deliver them to friends and neighbors. This year, I may have o.d.'d on cookie baking. I guess I lost count of how many cookies I had baked and when I finally counted up my cookies at the end of the day, I had made over 25 dozen cookies! We didn't have a hard time finding takers for the cookies though. We made enough to deliver a dozen goodie plates and then Aaron took the remainder to work with him the next morning.