Thursday, March 19, 2009

Bye-Bye Binky

This week I decided to crackdown on all of our bad habits. No more snacking for Hank. No more binky for Hank. No more swaddling Max. No more nightime feeding for Max. Its been a rough week so far, but it has to be done.
Yesterday Hank and I ran outside in our PJs as soon as we heard the garbage man coming down the street. I had explained to Hank that it was time to give up his binky and that we were going to let the garbage man take it. Hank was actually really excited about the idea because he is so fascinated with garbage trucks that he was eager to get an up-close look at them. When the garbage truck came to our house, Hank was too shy to say anything, but he bravely held out his binky for the garbage man to take. The garbage man was very nice and understanding and gave Hank a big high-5 for being a big boy. We watched the garbage man throw the binky into the back of the truck and then carry it away down the street. Hank was silent. We waved to the garbage truck as is passed by. As I carried him back into the house, Hank said sadly, "I want it back." A part of me wanted to just run to store and give him all the binkys on the shelf because I felt so sad for causing him grief, but I know its time for him to give it up. I gave him a hug and told him I was proud of him. Later that morning, I overheard him talking to himself, "I'm a big boy now. I don't need a binky anymore." I was apprehensive about how Hank would sleep the first night without his binky, but he did better than I expected. He did mention that he wanted it back, but he knew that it was gone so he didn't put up an argument.

Bye-bye binky!


We already complain that these boys are eating us out of house and home...can't wait until they're teenagers!
I introduced Max to the mesh feeder and loaded it with a peach...he pulverized it.

When he was finished eating, we basically had to hose him down because he was covered in peach slop from head to toe.

Hank ate his first bite of pasta the other day--a major acheivement for him.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Happy 1/2 Birthday!

Is it possible that my little baby Max is already 6 months old?? Max isn't so little anymore but he will always be my sweet baby.

6 Month Stats:
Weight: 19lbs 10oz = 85%
Length: 29 inches = no where near the charts
Head: 17.5 inches = 65%
6 Fun Things About Max:
1. Max is very verbal. Whether he is messing his pants or just sitting content, Max is usually grunting. I maintain that he has already learned to say "mom-mom."
2. No teeth yet. Max is a champion drooler but he doesn't have any teeth yet.
3. Max's hair could pass for brown, blond, or even red, depending on the right light.
4. Max is a great eater but a lousy sleeper. Max can keep up with Hank at mealtime, but likes to wake up several times during the night.
5. Max is a mama's boy. He is happy to sit with dad or grandma, but if he sees mom, he will fuss until mom holds him.
6. Max likes to bounce on his tummy.
I can't remember what life was like before Max came into our family. We love him to peices. Happy 6 months!

Close Enough

Since Hank still wishes me a "Happy Balentine's Day!" at least once or twice each day, I thought it would be appropriate to focus on the upcoming holiday, Easter.

We've been practicing our egg-hunting skills so we're going to be ready for the Easter egg hunt this year!

We Love Nana Z

I promised my mom that next time she comes to visit we'll just put up our feet and relax because when she came to visit this week, it was no vacation, I put her to work.

She helped me throw a fun baby shower for a friend of mine.

We walked around the neighborhood and played in the backyard.

Hank and I both got our hair cut.

We baked and ate like kings.
I told my mom that whenever she visits she is so helpful and we have so much fun that I can't remember how I did everything on my own before she came. Thanks for everything, mom! We miss you already! Visit us again soon!

Monday, March 9, 2009

the Bouncy Place

On Friday we joined our good friends for a morning at the Bouncy Place, a warehouse full of inflatable bouncy toys. We had a blast! Hank was just giddy the entire time. He was so excited that he'd just spin in circles trying to decide what to do next. I was surprised to see that my normally cautious child flung himself head-first down steep slides...and LOVED it!
I got a workout trying to keep up with Hank and his buddy, Ethan.

Lets go bouncing again soon, Pugmires!


Hank likes to call his little brother "Mattsy" (his version of Maxie). Some of Max's other nicknames include Maxie-boy, Maxie-boo, and Smax.

Max is getting more and more steady at sitting up by himself, he's found his toes although he can't bring them to his mouth because his little tummy gets in the way, he rolls in both directions, he loves to EAT, and mom is his hands-down favorite (yay!).

Family Time

You'd think with a long lapse between posts that I'd have bunches to catch up on, but we've actually been pretty low-key lately, just enjoying quality family time.

In the evenings, we like to turn the music (Hank's favorite: primary songs) up loud and wrestle, play hide and seek, and rough house a little bit.

Where is the plumber's crack? Aaron and Hank fixed our plumbing problem under the kitchen sink.

Nothing better than milk and cookies:)