Friday, March 13, 2009

Happy 1/2 Birthday!

Is it possible that my little baby Max is already 6 months old?? Max isn't so little anymore but he will always be my sweet baby.

6 Month Stats:
Weight: 19lbs 10oz = 85%
Length: 29 inches = no where near the charts
Head: 17.5 inches = 65%
6 Fun Things About Max:
1. Max is very verbal. Whether he is messing his pants or just sitting content, Max is usually grunting. I maintain that he has already learned to say "mom-mom."
2. No teeth yet. Max is a champion drooler but he doesn't have any teeth yet.
3. Max's hair could pass for brown, blond, or even red, depending on the right light.
4. Max is a great eater but a lousy sleeper. Max can keep up with Hank at mealtime, but likes to wake up several times during the night.
5. Max is a mama's boy. He is happy to sit with dad or grandma, but if he sees mom, he will fuss until mom holds him.
6. Max likes to bounce on his tummy.
I can't remember what life was like before Max came into our family. We love him to peices. Happy 6 months!


carrie said...

What a cutie pie! My goodness, his length is coming close to my 2-yr-old's height. (Okay, so not too close.) Look at that smile! That's enought to melt your heart. Ya sure make 'em cute, Court.

Kelli Radmall said...

No way, 6 months! He is growing up so fast. I love his overalls too. I wish I could see Hank and he could wish me a happy "balentines day".

April said...

Happy 6 months, Max! What a doll... (I think I've said that before, lol)! His smile is killer!

Lauralee said...

he is so adorable courtney.. seriously.. that smile is so great!