Friday, March 13, 2009

We Love Nana Z

I promised my mom that next time she comes to visit we'll just put up our feet and relax because when she came to visit this week, it was no vacation, I put her to work.

She helped me throw a fun baby shower for a friend of mine.

We walked around the neighborhood and played in the backyard.

Hank and I both got our hair cut.

We baked and ate like kings.
I told my mom that whenever she visits she is so helpful and we have so much fun that I can't remember how I did everything on my own before she came. Thanks for everything, mom! We miss you already! Visit us again soon!


Mindy said...

Nothing is better than having a mom come and take care of you a little bit too!!

April said...

That picture of Hank getting his hair-cut cracks me up! It looks like he's saying, "What in the world are they doing to me???" :-)