Sunday, August 21, 2011

Go, Ben, Go!

I am so proud of this little boy I think my heart could just burst! He crawls! Hooray for Ben!

When I watch this video, I just see a little boy who works so hard and who never gives up. It hasn't been easy. Its taken a lot of therapy, a lot of work, a lot of practice, a lot of prayers--but he did it! I have no doubt that if Ben works very hard, and never gives up, that he will do whatever he sets his mind to do. You can do it, Baby!

#12 Spray Park

It finally felt like summer when the kids and I met up with some friends at the spray park for some splashing. It was so warm and sunny I actually had to bust out the sunblock! The water was freezing cold, but the boys had so much fun racing around with each other and getting wet. We packed a picnic lunch and after the boys dried off a little we ran off the rest of our energy at the playground. Good friends, warm sunshine, and playing hard--a perfect summer day!

And that is why I love Max. Can you just feel the energy exuding from that boy??

My Fisherman

Those fish must be super scared of Aaron and his awesome fishing skills because they won't come anywhere near him when he's fishing!

Its a good thing you're cute, honey.

Ben and Papa G

Whether they are tagging along on trips to Home Depot, pounding nails in the workshop, or sharing chocolate-chip cookies, the boys love their Papa Grover.

#15 Family Bike Ride

When the tire tube on the bike trailer popped, our family bike ride turned into a family trip to the nearby elementary school where Max and Ben played on the playground equipment with Nana and Papa G while Aaron and I raced Hank around the track on our bikes....not exactly what I had in mind, but we just went with it.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Amy + Eric

I can't remember the last time I went anywhere by myself...I'm lucky to get a little privacy while I use the bathroom, so it was a huge treat to take a trip to California for my sister's wedding All. By. My. Self! No diapers to change, no fights to break up, no whiny kids pulling on me, no one to take care of but me! Ahhhh, it was bliss!

The break from the norm was wonderfully refreshing, but it wasn't quite as glamorous as it looks--I spent most the trip baking up a storm in a small kitchen, helping decorate the reception site, and running misclaneous wedding errands. All the work was worth it--the food was delicious, the venue was spectacular, Amy was breath-taking, the reception was lively, and it was beautiful to watch as a new little family unit was created.

I had so much fun getting to know my nephew, Jasper, a little better. This little man was a such cutie, walking Amy down the aisle.

Congratulations Sargeant Family!

I can't remember a time my sister has looked this happy, this glowing! Beautiful! Smug married life suits you, Amy.

The happy couple enjoying their first dance together.
Thanks for sharing your special day with me, Amy. Wishing you both happiness and joy as you begin your journey together:)

Sunday, August 7, 2011

love letter

Dear Ben,

Your little smile just melts me! I love you to bits and bits.


#16 Shaved Ice

Well, it was a far cry from the Matsumoto's Shave Ice that Aaron and I know and love, but it was cold, wet, sweet, and seemed to make the boys happy. Good enough.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Torchlight Parade

Aaron and I paid the price for our beautiful front-row seats at the Torchlight Parade: we arrived bright and early on Saturday morning, staking out our spot a whopping 8 hours before the parade started!

Ordinarly, sitting on a sidewalk wouldn't be my dream way to spend a Saturday, but, I have to say, spending 8 whole hours doing nothing but enjoying the warm sunshine, people-watching, and spending some quality time with the husband without the distraction of the kids (who joined us much later) was really quite relaxing--something I should do more of now and then.

Thanks Nana Grover for buying the boys these super loud/obnoxious horns:)

Can you guess which part of the parade was the boys' favorite?

The T-Ball "Tiger Dominators"

After Hank's first T-ball game was over, I gave him  a high-5 and told him what a great job he'd done, and he responded, "I tried my very best." Can't ask for more than that.