Thursday, April 23, 2009

Take Me Out to the Ball Game!

I decided I didn't like being left out of all the fun, so the other night we returned to the Mariners as a family. Max sported his little Mariners outfit and even got an official certificate as a first-timer. It was a beautiful night and the team won!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Brotherly Love

Hank likes to give Max hugs and say, "I love my brother (pronounced brah-zir)." The other day, after saying that he loves each of us, Hank said, "I love my family." Priceless.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Spring Fair

Yay for the Spring Fair! This is the first time in three years that the weather has cooperated with the spring fair so we couldn't resist getting in on some fair action.
As usual, my favorite part of anything is always the food. Hank loved the cotton candy and I ate my fair share of scones. Yum!

Max loved the scones, too!

This is Hank doing a little jump for joy when we told him that he was going to get to sit on an actual firetruck that was parked at the fair. Hank is completely obsessesed with all forms of transportation right now and has a particular fascination with rescue vehicles.

Max loved the firetrucks, too!

Hank got to see all kinds of snakes and spiders, and even touched a turtle at the reptile exhibit.
Hank loved the petting zoo and chased the poor little goats around the pen until he finally caught one--and hugged it!

Max loved the animals, too!

Daddy Date

Last week Aaron scored a couple tickets to the Mariner's game at the last minute so he decided to take Hank with him to the ball game as a Daddy/Son date. Since I wasn't invited, I had to learn all the details the next morning from Hank. Hank told me that Dad bought him lots of treats: popcorn, licorice, pop, and candy. He said that he heard the choo-choo train. Hank also told me that he got stuck in the ropes when Dad took him to the indoor playground at the ball field. Hank said that he was scared and he told me that Dad held his hand and helped him get back down. It seems that Hank had a great date with his daddy. I love that Aaron and Hank are best buddies.

*picture taken with Aaron's cell phone--not the best quality.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Eggstravaganza!

We had a great Easter weekend full of family and festivities. On Saturday morning, Aaron and my dad played a quick round of golf while my mom, my sister, and I took the boys to an Easter egg hunt. I think the word "race" would be more appropriate since the 17,000 eggs were more haphazardly strewn about a large field than hid and the entire hunt was over from start to finish in less than two minutes.
Last year I thought Hank could manage to gather eggs himself so I didn't accompany him on the actual hunt. When the officiator yelled for the hunt to begin, Hank took two steps out of the gate, tripped, and got skunked on the eggs. We learned from our mistakes, and this year I made sure to "help" Hank find the eggs. When the start whistle blew, Hank and I didn't waste a second. We ran straight for the back of the field. While everyone else fought over the first few eggs, Hank and I had the whole backfield to ourselves to cherry pick the eggs. Once our basket began to overflow, I started to feel a little guilty, realizing that I had become the parent that I criticized last year. Hank was giddy with his loot and we had lots of fun.

Egg dying: such a fun idea, such a big mess.

Hank woke up on Easter morning to find his basket filled with a Memory game, a new flashlight (he likes to stay up late in bed playing with his trucks), a new cement mixer, and a load of candy. Thank you Easter Bunny!

Easter Sunday

I have wonderful memories as a little girl of getting to shop for a special Easter dress and then wearing my frilly dress to church on Sunday. Hank and Max got to wear matching Easter outfits this year and were quite handsome, if I do say so myself.

As I was carrying Max in his carseat in one arm and Hank on the other arm with the diaper bag slung over my shoulder, someone at church commented that I'm tougher than I look. I think I do look tough, but I guess I'll take that as a compliment.

Three cuties in sweater vests.

Happy Easter!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My Little Monkeys

If it swings like a monkey...

If it runs like a monkey...

If it slides like a monkey...

If it climbs like a monkey...

If it looks like a monkey...
Then its probably a monkey, right? I love these two little monkeys. Yesterday at the park, Max experienced the thrill of swinging for the first time. I wish I could bottle the giggles and squeals that he made while I pushed him back and forth--pure, sweet joy. It makes me laugh to watch Hank play at the park. Hank will walk straight up to a kid, wrap his arms around him, and, without any warning or introduction, hug/squeeze the poor kid. He has also recently taken to playing chase with the girls. Who taught him this? I will be relieved when Max can finally be a playmate for Hank so that Hank doesn't have to forcibly coerce kids into playing with him.

Monday, April 6, 2009

No Reason

.....he's just so stinkin' cute I had to post a couple pictures of him soaking up the sunshine in the backyard.

If it wasn't for his slobbery grin, I think he might pass as a defensive lineman. Maybe once he gets the walking thing down, we'll see if the Seahawks need a new linebacker.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Summer Tease

During the long, dreary winter its easy to forget why we live in the place that we do. Then a day like today comes along and I remember why I love where I live so much. If only there were more sunny days and fewer crummy ones.
Break out the T-shirt and shorts--the sun came out!

Aaron and I thatched the yard (manually--it was a killer) and then Hank helped Aaron fertilize and water the grass. The day felt like a small tease of the beautiful summer to come.

We had to keep Max's pink cheeks out of the sun with a cap so they didn't burn. Compare that with the picture taken two days ago when I bundled him so tight he looked like the little marshmallow boy on 'Christmas Story.'

Daffodil Parade '09

I love the Daffodil Parade!
Hank loved the motorcycles and the firetrucks and even danced a little jig to the beat of the marching bands.

The sun was shining and it was a glorious morning! Poor Max even got a little sunburn across his nose--my bad.

I find it ironic that Max will wake up from his nap if so much as a pin drops and yet he was able to snooze through a marching band ten feet away, literally.

Hot Date

You know you've officially become an old fogey when taking a date on a Wednesday night, instead of Friday, qualifies as "wild and crazy." Such is our life. Aaron's parents offered to babysit for us on Wednesday (thank you!) so we took advantage of the opportunity to go on a hot date, sort of. We had fast food for dinner, then went to the dollar theater, and had milkshakes on the way back home. The picture is nasty but we were trying to keep our eyes on the road.

High Chair

The other day I broke out the high chair, plopped Max in the seat, and gave him his first Cheerios....he loved the new snack and I got my hands free for a few minutes!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Interview with Hank

Usually when we are driving in the car, Hank assaults me with a barrage "whats that?" and "because why?" questions. So, while we were driving to the grocery store today, I decided to take the offensive, asking Hank all the questions. Here are his responses:

How old are you? Two
What is your favorite color? pink (so what!?)
What is your favorite cartoon? Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
What is your favorite song? Follow the Prophet
What is your favorite food? Birthday cake (not sure about this my knowledge he's never eaten any birthday cake)
What do you want for your birthday? a candle
What do you want to be when you grow up? a garbage man
Who is your best friend? Nana
What is your favorite thing to do with mom: puzzles
What is your favorite thing to do with dad: get mint treats (dad always greets Hank after work with an Altoid)

Hank's quirkiness and thoughtfulness always makes me smile.