Monday, April 20, 2009

Spring Fair

Yay for the Spring Fair! This is the first time in three years that the weather has cooperated with the spring fair so we couldn't resist getting in on some fair action.
As usual, my favorite part of anything is always the food. Hank loved the cotton candy and I ate my fair share of scones. Yum!

Max loved the scones, too!

This is Hank doing a little jump for joy when we told him that he was going to get to sit on an actual firetruck that was parked at the fair. Hank is completely obsessesed with all forms of transportation right now and has a particular fascination with rescue vehicles.

Max loved the firetrucks, too!

Hank got to see all kinds of snakes and spiders, and even touched a turtle at the reptile exhibit.
Hank loved the petting zoo and chased the poor little goats around the pen until he finally caught one--and hugged it!

Max loved the animals, too!


Lauralee said...

your boys are adorable.. that cotton candy looks yummy! I would have to say the food is my favorite part too!

Amy (Church) Thulin said...

I agree with Lauralee. Your kids are totally cute and food is my weakness. Looks like you had fun though. :)

The Farmer Family said...

I love that last pic of Max. He's gorgeous! Love spring and love fairs! food fun and games!!! woohoo!