Sunday, April 5, 2009

Summer Tease

During the long, dreary winter its easy to forget why we live in the place that we do. Then a day like today comes along and I remember why I love where I live so much. If only there were more sunny days and fewer crummy ones.
Break out the T-shirt and shorts--the sun came out!

Aaron and I thatched the yard (manually--it was a killer) and then Hank helped Aaron fertilize and water the grass. The day felt like a small tease of the beautiful summer to come.

We had to keep Max's pink cheeks out of the sun with a cap so they didn't burn. Compare that with the picture taken two days ago when I bundled him so tight he looked like the little marshmallow boy on 'Christmas Story.'


We Three Madsens said...

Holy cow you guys thatched your yard! Wanna come do ours? Although I dont think anything could help our yard. It sure was such a great day! Lets hope its that nice for our park picnic tomorrow:)

Lauralee said...

so glad the sun came out.. what a nice break!