Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Eggstravaganza!

We had a great Easter weekend full of family and festivities. On Saturday morning, Aaron and my dad played a quick round of golf while my mom, my sister, and I took the boys to an Easter egg hunt. I think the word "race" would be more appropriate since the 17,000 eggs were more haphazardly strewn about a large field than hid and the entire hunt was over from start to finish in less than two minutes.
Last year I thought Hank could manage to gather eggs himself so I didn't accompany him on the actual hunt. When the officiator yelled for the hunt to begin, Hank took two steps out of the gate, tripped, and got skunked on the eggs. We learned from our mistakes, and this year I made sure to "help" Hank find the eggs. When the start whistle blew, Hank and I didn't waste a second. We ran straight for the back of the field. While everyone else fought over the first few eggs, Hank and I had the whole backfield to ourselves to cherry pick the eggs. Once our basket began to overflow, I started to feel a little guilty, realizing that I had become the parent that I criticized last year. Hank was giddy with his loot and we had lots of fun.

Egg dying: such a fun idea, such a big mess.

Hank woke up on Easter morning to find his basket filled with a Memory game, a new flashlight (he likes to stay up late in bed playing with his trucks), a new cement mixer, and a load of candy. Thank you Easter Bunny!

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Jill said...

lol about the load of eggs at the hunt. I can totally see it. ;)