Monday, April 20, 2009

Daddy Date

Last week Aaron scored a couple tickets to the Mariner's game at the last minute so he decided to take Hank with him to the ball game as a Daddy/Son date. Since I wasn't invited, I had to learn all the details the next morning from Hank. Hank told me that Dad bought him lots of treats: popcorn, licorice, pop, and candy. He said that he heard the choo-choo train. Hank also told me that he got stuck in the ropes when Dad took him to the indoor playground at the ball field. Hank said that he was scared and he told me that Dad held his hand and helped him get back down. It seems that Hank had a great date with his daddy. I love that Aaron and Hank are best buddies.

*picture taken with Aaron's cell phone--not the best quality.

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Lauralee said...

that is cute, his version of what was fun.. that is sweet they get to do that together!