Thursday, August 6, 2009

*** UPDATE ***

So I've become a little bit of a coupon junkie and I'm addicted to the thrill of saving money--I've made three more trips to Albertsons this week to stock up on great stuff! In total, I bought:

30 jars of pasta sauce (hey, we like spaghetti and it keeps really well)
12 boxes of cereal
12 jars of peanut butter
8 boxes of fruit snacks
4 boxes of brownie mixes
2 cookie mixes
2 refrigerated cookie doughs
2 4-packs of yogurt
3 bottles of salad dressing
4 containers of laundry detergent
2 bottles of shampoo
2 deoderants

Retail total: 296.09
I paid: 46.22!!! + $15 rebate left to spend
Total savings: 249.87!!


Jill said...

Okay so you need to tell me how to do it!!!

Shellie said...

It's fun and addicting isn't it! I do the same thing and have saved hundreds a month on my grocery bill!! Way to go!

austin and cherisse said...

You crack me up! I love that you took a picture of your awsome deals...I wont lie and I am little jealous! You and Austin would get along great...he loves a deal. I just need to find a site that tells me what the deals are that week, it just takes too long trying to figure it out! Love it though!

Lauralee said...

great job.. It's so fun to do! we love spaghetti too, curt hates it, but there is always ravioli, lasagna, or do like one of my bil's and dips his string cheese in it!