Monday, August 10, 2009

Little Piggy Bank

So, this morning started out same as usual....I was busy getting ready in the bathroom, while the kids were watching cartoons on my bed and playing together. From the bathroom, I can keep pretty close tabs on the kids by watching them in the mirror. Well, one second Max is playing happily on his tummy, the next second he is on his back and making coughing/gagging noises. Max has had a little cold this week, but I knew right away that it wasn't just a normal cough--he was choking. I race to the bed and pick him up and start pounding on his back right away. I can tell that he is still breathing through his nose, but his eyes are a little rolled back and he is making gurgling/sputtering noises so I knew it was serious. I quickly run through my options: call 911 (decided I didn't have 20 minutes to wait for an ambulance), call Aaron (again, what good would a phone call have done?), practice the heimlich manuever I learned in a babysitting class when I was 11 (not sure if I could trust my memory and I didn't want to get the object lodged any deeper), keep pounding away. I felt completely helpless. I put Max high over my shoulder and pounded on his back. After a few minutes (seemed like forever) he launched a heavy stream of mucus (yep, all over me). Even though Max was still choking, I felt like I had made progress, so I kept pounding on his back. Another eternity passes, and out pops this:
As soon as he purged the nickel Max was right back to his happy-smiley self. I felt so relieved that Max was ok and started shaking from the adrenaline. Tonight for FHE we're going to make Hank a piggy bank to keep all of his loose change secure. What a scary experience! I will be saying my prayers of thanks.


Mindy said...

Good job not panicking. That is so scary. I'm glad Max is okay.

Lauralee said...

oh scary! I am glad he is okay.. that is one of the worst feelings when something like that happens..

great idea on the piggy bank, hope it helps!

Keli'i and Megan said...

Holy scary! Ahhh! I hate moments like that! Great thinking and good job trusting your instincts! I am not looking forward to that stage with Ronin...the stage where they shove everything in their mouths. I'm so happy that Max is okay!