Monday, August 3, 2009

T-Ball Disaster

Judging from his first T-ball game on Saturday, it doesn't look like Hank will be drafted into the majors this year. Hank's team, the Bullets, took the field first. Hank (with the help of Aaron) manned second base. It seemed that Hank was enjoying himself--whenever the ball came his way, Aaron helped him grab it and throw it back to the pitcher. When it was Hank's turn to bat, he took a solid swing at the ball, made contact, and hit a nice, respectable, little bunt. I guess Hank got bored with the waiting, because when his teammate hit the ball and it was time for Hank to advance bases from second to third, Hank turned the corner and kept on running....ran past third base, ran right through the neighboring baseball field, ran around the fence, and stopped at the playground. We couldn't get Hank to leave the playground to finish his game. He decided playing on the slide and climbing up the playstructure was more fun that standing still in the middle of a hot field and waiting for a ball to roll his way.

Its too bad he isn't more enthusiastic about the game because he sure makes a cute little T-baller!

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adam said...

hank is killin me