Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Happy Birthday Benny!

Happy Birthday Benny Boy!

Benny stole my heart six years ago and has held it ever since. Those dimples, his easy laugh, and his tender personality just melt me. Ben is brave, smart, and joyful. He is possibly my most responsible and obedient child: he never loses his shoes, he always does what he is asked to do, he reminds me of any upcoming tasks, he never complains about doing homework, he goes straight to sleep at bedtime and he follows house rules faithfully. Pretty much a dream child! Ben loves to bead, build Legos, create patterns, sort colors, and play games on the iPad. Ben is exploring so many new foods; it's fun to introduce him to brand new pleasures like ice cream and jelly beans that he has never tried before. Ben reads proficiently, his handwriting has improved bunches, and has an aptitude for math. Ben enjoys being around others, but can keep himself occupied playing alone for hours. Ben loves to swim and swing at the park. 

Surprise, surprise, Benny chose to celebrate his birthday with a bowling party with a couple of his buddies. We bowled, played games at the arcade and had pizza and cake for lunch. 

Ben got new beads, gears, a lite brite, and flannel pjs made by Nana Z that he wears all day everyday.

Benny is truly a joy and we love him to bits. Happy Birthday, Ben!

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