Sunday, August 31, 2008

Date Night

Our typical Friday night date usually consists of a fast meal at Red Robin or a stroll through Costco. We usually don't have the time or money to have fancy, romantic dates anymore so when we do its a special treat. This past Friday night, Aaron planned a special, surprise date night for me that made me get the butterflies like when we were dating and everything. We started the night at Daniel's Broiler, a fancy steakhouse on Lake Washington. It was fun to eat someplace upscale where the cups aren't take-home souveniers and the menu doesn't have a coloring page on the back. Afterwards, we did a little shopping in downtown Seattle and found Aaron a few pre-birthday birthday presents. Then, the main event: my very first ever concert! Aaron surprised me with tickets to see my very favorite group, BoyzIIMen. Don't laugh. I know they're old school, but I LOVE them! We had such a blast. I felt like a little teeny-bopper with a perma-grin on my face, screaming and flailing my arms like crazy. The music brought back a flood of so many good memories. I love my husband for being so thoughtful and romantic and treating me to such a fun surprise:)

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Mindy said...

How fun! That must have been so nice because it will be awhile before you can do something like that again! Very good job Aaron. I'm a little jealous...don't tell Ryan...or DO. :o)