Sunday, August 31, 2008

Canning Fools

Our ward has really been emphasizing the importance of living providently so I have made an effort this past week to educate myself about food storgage techniques, specifically home canning. Last week I canned tomatoe sauce and stewed tomatoes and last night Liz and I canned millions of peaches. I still have a box of pears waiting to ripen and apples in the freezer that are waiting to become applesauce. I was happy with our final product--I thought the peaches turned out beautiful!


Bret & Liz said...

They look great! It was a lot of fun, I cant wait to see how our applesauce turns out:)

Brit H. said...

Wow! Send some of that our way! The pears and apple sauce too! I am sure that you have nothing better to do then replenish my food storage...Oh, Happy Birthday A-Train!!! We missed you guys in Newport!