Friday, August 17, 2007


You know your kid must be super cute when random strangers approach you in the park to take his picture....that or the photographer is just creepy. Wednesday night Hank and I were cheering Aaron on at his softball game when a man with a camera approached me, gave me his business card, and asked me if he could take Hank's picture. I was a little caught off guard and let him take a few pictures as long as I was right by Hank's side. Aaron was less trusting. He marched off the softball field and told the guy that he'd taken enough pictures and the man promptly left. In the world today, you just can't be too careful. Well, I checked out the guy's website and found that he seemed to be a reputable photographer who works for National Geographic. I emailed him to see if he'd send me copies of the pictures and here is what he sent.

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