Sunday, October 20, 2013

Retakes? No way!

Every time I see my third-grade class photo I cringe. It's horrendous. I can overlook the purple jumper on hot pink turtle-neck ensemble, and my facial expression (complete with gigantic chiclet-esque front teeth) is passable, but my hair is out of control! Think triangular Christmas tree and you'll have an idea of the hairstyle I had going on. When I see my hair in that picture, I think, "Really, Mom?! You let me go out of the house looking like I stuck my finger in a light socket?!" Despite how terrible that photo turned out, I'm glad my Mom didn't get retakes (they probably wouldn't have turned out any differently anyways) because that gawky, awkward third-grade picture is authentic and captures a real moment in time, albeit a very goofy-looking one.

Clearly this wasn't our most photogenic school picture year, but I think these pictures are perfect...perfect and goofy, just like in real life and no way am I getting retakes!

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