Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Family Time

The pictures aren't really much to look at, but they serve to represent a fun memory that we made together last weekend when the Children's Museum offered a free admission day. We take the boys on many outings and they've even been to this particular museum several times, but what made it so special was that this time everyone got to play and have fun...no one watching the fun from the stroller, no one left out. One of the challenges that I have struggled with lately, especially over the summertime, was feeling like our family was polarized by two different ability ranges. Although I refuse to let the gap in abilities hold us back, certain activities become much more difficult when you have two older children who are active and independent and two younger children who require more assistance. Swimming, hiking, riding bikes, you name it....all activities that become that much harder when you're torn between keeping up with two on-the-go kids and two still-needs-help kids. So anyways, I felt like it was such a treat to take the kids to the Children's Museum and all be able to enjoy the same activity together.

As a side note, another thing that made this little excursion, very ordinary in itself, so memorable for me was that despite the many things we could have been doing with our time on our busy Saturday afternoon, we made the choice to just do something fun and make a memory together. Certainly there are those weekends where errands must be done, tasks must be attended to, and duty calls, but sometimes I think it is a treat to just spend our Saturday playing! I'm grateful to have a partner who is willing to spend his free time taking his sons to the museum and cheering them on at their soccer games, only to come home tired and then take care of his household/yard maintenance responsibilities.

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