Sunday, October 20, 2013

Rocky is 1 Week Old!

Being so darn cute all of the time must be exhausting because Rocky has spent the majority of his first week of life asleep! And how lucky am I that I get to hold him and stare at his precious little face all day (and night) long? He is just an angel!

With one week already passed since Rocky was born, and already so much growth taking place, I am consciously resisting the urge to feel sad about the passage of time and instead celebrate each passing milestone. As my last baby, it is impossible not to feel a little twinge of sentimentality as he grows and we begin to close chapters...really sweet and special chapters...but, I want to enjoy these little moments and not mourn them. Rocky will never be one week old again. He will never be this tiny, this scrawny-limbed, this soft-skinned and newborn-needy. But he will always be mine and I will love every new stage we enter as we both learn and grow together.

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