Sunday, October 13, 2013

General Conference Weekend

How do you not only keep a bunch of rambunctious boys quiet for an eight-hour TV marathon of church speakers, but convince them that doing so is "fun?" Believe me, it is no easy task. With the help of homemade cinnamon rolls, a game of "General Conference Bingo" (with treats for prizes), LDS ipad apps, and a homemade dry-erase conference binder, Hank and Max stayed happily occupied for the majority of the conference sessions so that Aaron and I could actually enjoy listening to the speakers! It was glorious to spend the weekend together taking in the messages of our church leaders and building a tradition with our children that will hopefully help them to come to love this special weekend as well.

Ok, so it wasn't all reverent, arm-folded listening....there may have been some brotherly wrestling matches here and there.

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