Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Team work

Who knew simply getting the kids ready for school in the morning could be so much work? Aside from throwing on my sweats, pulling my hair into a pony tail, and slapping on a little makeup, my daily a.m. routine entails changing diapers, running baths, nursing the baby, getting the boys dressed, preparing breakfast, cleaning up after breakfast, getting five heads of hair combed and five sets of teeth brushed, packing school lunch, administering last minute spelling/math quizzes, getting homework and projects packed, locating shoes and coats, and getting everyone loaded into the car before 9 a.m. It was really sweet when Hank observed that I was busy feeding the baby, it was getting late and we still had several things to get done before school, and offered to get Benny dressed by himself. That kind of brotherly teamwork is precious!

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