Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Our Family is Complete!

Welcome to Our Family, Rockwell "Rocky" Thomas Grover!

- Arrived on October 12th, 2013 at 8:36 a.m. weighing 7lbs 12oz and measuring 21" long - 

The Birth Story:

It must be one of Heavenly Father's subtle showings of his sense of humor that for as much as I kept telling people throughout my entire pregnancy that I wasn't in any hurry for this baby to get here and I felt no rush to add a new baby to my already heavy workload, when it finally came down to that last week of my pregnancy I was READY!...and wouldn't you know it? Baby took his sweet time getting here. That final week was torture! I spent each day killing myself getting ready for his imminent arrival doing all sorts of household chores, like cleaning out my refrigerator and mowing the lawn (that was a sight to see, I'm sure!), in a crazed attempt to persuade this baby to speed things up. Like clockwork, I would be awakened each morning at 2:45 a.m. to strong contractions and immediately start making a mental plan of things to do and things to pack. Just about the time I was ready to put down my stop watch and start preparing to go to the hospital, the contractions would slow down and fizzle out....and I would start the entire agonizing process all over again the next day. At one point, on my actual due date, the contractions became so intense and at regular intervals that we called in Nana Grover to have the boys spend the night and we hastily got ready to head to the hospital--again, just another tease. Finally, when those contractions started back up on Saturday morning (2 very long days post due-date), I decided to just go to the hospital and cross my fingers that the nurses would take pity on me and admit me. Interestingly, once the decision had been made that this was it and we were going to the hospital no matter what, those contractions just cooperated beautifully and my labor took off lightening fast. Aaron has always dreamed about having the license to speed down the freeway, ignoring traffic laws, to race me to the hospital--that morning, he got his wish! At 6am we rushed to the hospital, flying through red lights and ignoring stop signs.
40 weeks and 2 days

Once we arrived at the hospital, the nurse checked my cervix and I was dilated to a 6.5. We knew we didn't have much time to mess around, so the nurses quickly called my doctor and the anesthesiologist and then began placing my I.V. It turns out that I must have freakishly small veins, because it took 5 nurses, 1 anesthesiologist, six failed attempts, and an hour and a half to get an IV started. Suffice it to say, spending an hour and a half having my arms used as pin cushions, all the while in active labor, is not the most pleasant experience. Once the IV was in, the anesthesiologist was able to start the epidural and I finally felt a little relief. Soon after, my doctor arrived, my water was ruptured, and it was time to push! There is no need to relive that moment of pure torture--and it WAS excruciating--because with just a few pushes I was rewarded with my beautiful, perfect, sweet little son.

I recognized that sweet little face right away because it came from the same mold: he shares his brothers' dark hair and perfectly round button nose, his Daddy's forehead, and his Mom's plump lips.

I will admit, I had some serious concerns about how I would feel when this baby was would I possibly be able to care for FIVE human beings? I haven't figured out the answer to that question, but after taking one look at him, I knew it didn't matter. He is mine. I loved him instantly and I love him deeply. The rest will have to work itself out. I've got a precious baby to snuggle and cuddle and I can't think of anything that matters more to me than that.

There is nothing more sweet than holding a fresh-from-heaven newborn baby. I fell in love in that first moment, and I haven't been able to stop kissing that handsome little face since. So sweet!

Tell me he isn't Aaron's "mini-me."

Ten perfect fingers, and ten perfect toes.

Little Baby Rocky was very tolerant about receiving a visit from his very excited older brothers. Hank and Max were very sweet and couldn't get enough turns holding their new little brother. Ben was creeped out by being in the hospital (and I don't blame him one bit), and Joey was oblivious to the baby but was pretty interested in rolling the chair on wheels and pushing all the buttons on the equipment. Rocky is one lucky little boy to have so many brothers to take care of him and protect him.

Seven is Heaven!

The hospital treated us to a fancy in-room "celebration dinner" complete with sparkling cider. The food wasn't anything to get excited about, but I will always remember the feeling of total contentment that I felt as Aaron and I toasted to our beautiful new son and our family being complete. So blessed!

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