Tuesday, April 5, 2016

the Rock

I am completely smitten with this handsome little boy. He has somehow gone from darling baby to a handsome kid!

A sketch of Rocky:
- He still sleeps in his crib; the idea of climbing out hasn't occurred to him and I'm in no hurry to introduce him to the freedom of a 'big boy bed.'
- He talks in complete sentences. My favorite is the way he says "yes" with a perfect little enunciation of the 's.'
- He thinks he's big enough to follow his brothers down the street to play with the neighbors, often barefoot and grubby-faced. He loves to be outside and the cold temperatures don't slow him down at all.
- He has a sweet tooth. I limit our treats to one treat after a healthy dinner, but he manages to scrounge up suckers and candy by sneaking in the pantry whenever I'm not looking. Besides sweets, his favorites are yogurt, meat, and fruit.
- He has a fetish for chapstick and burns through them like crazy. He loves to have something of his own to take in and out of his pocket.
- He allows me to cuddle and rock with him for a few minutes each day when I wake him up in the morning.
- His favorite song is "I Love to See the Temple" and always points out the temple whenever we're nearby.

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