Sunday, April 3, 2016

Christmas Day

Santa had to work very quickly on Christmas Eve, because two very eager boys couldn't contain their excitement and burst from their bedroom at THREE A.M. to check out Santa's delivery. Obviously Aaron and I ignored the shuffling of boxes as Hank and Max sorted the packages into piles according to recipient, rolled over, and kept sleeping until the giggling couldn't be tuned out any longer. Wrapping paper was destroyed, bows and ribbons were ripped, and gifts galore were opened. The big hits this year were: an iPod for Hank (with a corresponding lengthy discussion about safety and responsibility), a drone and mega nerf gun for Max, a custom-made marble run for Ben that Santa contracted with Papa Grover to build, a fire station for Joey, and chapstick for Rocky. Yes, you read that right--Rocky was giddy about having his very own collection of chapstick. Remove cap, moisten lips, replace cap, bury in pocket, repeat. Over and Over. Aaron scored big points by spoiling me with lots of new sweats and workout clothes and a weight set and weight bench.

After spending the morning checking out our new goodies, assembling new toys, and relaxing in our jammies, we joined Nana and Papa Grover for a wonderful Christmas dinner. It was a lovely day filled with lots of indulgence and relaxation.

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