Saturday, April 9, 2016

He is Risen!

After a very dreary winter, Easter marks the start of spring, rebirth, new life, new beginnings, and a promise of things to come. Ordinarily, I enjoy the entire week leading up to Easter: preparing goodies for the Easter baskets, Easter egg hunts, and dying eggs. This year, as I spent the week prior to Easter preparing a talk for sacrament meeting, my mind was occupied with stress and felt less carefree, but my heart definitely felt more focused on the spiritual aspects of the holiday. It was a privilege to share my testimony on Easter Sunday of the ability that the gift of the atonement and resurrection gives us to realize our full celestial potential through daily repentance. I know that Jesus Christ made it possible for us to overcome our sin, weakness, and mortality through His sacrifice and I am so grateful to celebrate His victory and triumph with my family through our simple traditions.

When I was younger, it seemed I could dye eggs forever. I insisted that my mom boil several dozen eggs so that we'd have plenty to decorate, yet I detest eating hard boiled eggs! And so it is with my own kids....three dozen eggs dyed, and Aaron the only deviled egg eater. It was worth the waste to enjoy this favorite tradition together.

Our Easter bunny was pretty clever this year and substituted the cheap plastic baskets for upturned hats! Along with some baseball cards and sunflower seeds, we had a lot of excitement on Easter morning.

I live for this photo op! Five handsome boys in matching white shirts and matching ties makes my mom heart swoon.

The best we could do using the self-timer function on the cell phone camera:

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