Friday, April 8, 2016

A Grover First: broken bone

Bad luck seems to find us when we visit St. George for Max's baseball tournaments. Last time the stomach plague besieged Ben, Joey and Rocky and our entire hotel room was a contaminated with hazardous waste. This time, the boys were romping around with cousins at Adam and Heather's house when Joey's finger got smashed in the door. It was pretty clear that a trip to instacare was in order when the width of his poor little finger was reduced by more than half! In the picture, his tissue is swollen and does't look terribly irregular, but initially it was pretty gruesome! Thank heavens Aaron was near when the incident occurred because I couldn't stomach looking at it. A sucker helped Joey stay calm while an exam was performed and x-rays were taken, confirming that he broke the tip of his pointer finger. The doctor splinted his finger and referred us to an orthopedist. All things considered, Joey was remarkably tough and, like any smart three-year-old, milked that injury for everything it was worth.

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