Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Robyn's Birthday Adventure

Technically, we were celebrating Robyn's 30th birthday, but I think Mindy and I had just as much fun taking a night off from Mom duty, going out on a little adventure, and enjoying some girl time. 

We surprised Robyn with a zip line adventure! I'm not usually much of a risk-taker, but zip lining to me didn't feel very risky. Sure we were suspended a few hundred feet up in the air by two thin cables as we flew 45-50 mph towards a small platform, but instead of feeling scary, it was really just serene and breathtaking to soar above the trees and feel a little wind rush against your face. I love it and I'm proud of us chickens for doing it!

After our zip line adventure, we treated ourselves to a yummy dinner and dessert. 
Happy 30th, Robyn! This one is going to be pretty hard to beat!

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