Sunday, September 21, 2014

Max is 6!!!

I love this boy to bits. Max is a really special kid. One of the reasons that I love Max so much is that he naturally possesses many of the qualities that I have worked by entire life to develop without much success. Max is very generous. If his teacher gives him a snack at kindergarten or a treat in primary, he always asks for a second to give to his brother. He will use his own allowance money to buy a treat for someone else. He will happily share his last skittle or sip of pop. Max is very slow to anger and quick to forgive. It makes my heart break a little when, out of frustration about something, Ben will hit or push Max, and instead of react, Max will just turn away. If I ever become upset with Max, he will apologize with sincerity and then ask me to forgive him. Max is fun to be around. Whenever I feel like taking a walk or need to run an errand in the evening, Max is my go-to buddy because I just like his companionship. He's always upbeat, always easy-going, always happy. See what I mean? Max is just a genuinely good kid. I am so proud of this little boy and so blessed to call him mine.

After our Mom Date and learning how passionate Max is about golf, Aaron got busy finding a new set of clubs (his old set was too short) for Max to use while he played a birthday round of golf with Aaron.

Of all the places he could have chosen, Max picked to have his birthday dinner at Chuck-a-Rama. I recall eating at Chuck-a-Rama 20+ years ago when we'd go visit my grandparents--they loved the tapioca and the senior discount and I liked to serve myself soft serve ice cream. My memory didn't fail--we were the only diners under 60. Max sampled a piece of pizza and a few french fries, but was most excited about the all-you-can-drink chocolate milk and the slurpee machine. If I don't eat at Chuck-a-Rama for another 20 years, it'll be too soon.

I think Max is saying, "awwwwesome!"

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