Sunday, September 21, 2014

Last Summer Getaway

We're going to have to scale back our birthday tradition because things are beginning to get out of control. Now we're doing destination water park parties for our six-year-old?! Max is a lucky, lucky boy. The truth is, I was itching to visit my new niece in St. George, we had a hotel certificate that needed to be used before it expired, our season passes to Cowabunga bay get us free admission to the sister park in Las Vegas, we felt like squeezing in one more summer getaway before saying goodbye to the heat, and so we decided to make a quick visit to St. George/Las Vegas and score some extra "parent points" by dubbing it Max's birthday party.

I've never understood it when people say it is, "too hot" outside. I love the sun! As a rule, I say the more sun the better. I think after our trip to Las Vegas, I may have to make an exception to my rule. When the pavement is so hot that your feet blister, it takes 15-20 minutes to wait in line for each slide, and it's two hours past nap's too dang hot. We all had a great time, but after several hours of swimming, splashing, and sliding, we were wasted. The water park kicked our butts.

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