Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Competitive Soccer

I'm feeling a little guilty about blogging from my warm car while poor Hank is outside playing in the cold, dark, and wet outside. That's soccer for you. When we decided to put Hank on a "competitive" level team we weren't entirely sure what we were getting into. I mean, the kids are eight, how "competitive" could it be?! Overall, the experience has been great--Hank's coach is great, he's made some good friends on his team, and his skills have developed a lot--but, after driving Hank to and fro to practices three times a week and scrambling to feed everyone before weeknight games and watching him play in the dark, I'm glad that this is the final game of the season. There has been a few times I've had to spring from my chair to offer Hank a little constructive feedback, but I'm proud of Hank for working his very hardest. I remember trying out as a freshmen for the high school soccer team and surprising myself by being able to walk on to the varsity team with very little skills or experience. Over the course of four years of varsity soccer, I'm not really sure I was ever that great of a player, but I know for certain that no one out worked me. I know that Hank will continue to be successful at whatever sport--or anything else, for that matter--if he gives it his very best and works hard. Great job, Hankie! On to basketball...

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