Friday, December 27, 2013

Thank you, Santa!

Santa must have reconsidered and decided to put the boys on his "Nice" list because he sure was generous with the boys this year!

As a parent, there is no greater happiness than watching your kids open their presents on Christmas morning. It is such fun to watch their surprise as they tear off the wrapping, see the excitement in their eyes as they open the box and discover a long-desired toy.

The favorites this year included baseball cards and Lego sets for Hank, a nerf "mega gun" for Max, more blocks and shapes to sort for Ben, and a kitchen for Joey. Did you notice I left out Rocky? He may not have received any toys this year, but, trust me, he is the luckiest of all as he will be the benefactor of ALL of the toys before long!

Christmas Day was a toy-fest....

The Aftermath:

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