Thursday, December 19, 2013

Wonder of Wonders

Before taking the boys to visit Santa, I decided it would be wise to prepare Ben for the encounter as in years' past he has greeted Santa by bursting into a fit of hysteria. To my surprise, when I mentioned to Ben that we were going to see Santa, he got super excited and squealed, "Santa!" Not sure if he understood what I was telling him, I asked Ben what he was going to say to Santa. Clearly Ben is no dummy because he responded very matter of factly, "more Legos." Somehow he has overheard his brothers' conversations and put the pieces together that this Santa character brings toys to good kids. Still, I was interested to see whether or not Ben would chicken out and resort to hysterics when the time actually came to sit on the big stranger's lap. Sure enough, Nana Grover took the boys to visit Santa and Ben went willingly! We'll work on the smiling for the camera thing next year--the deer in the headlights expression is major improvement!

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