Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Check is in the Mail

I just want to know where to send in my application and collect my prize because I feel like I've earned my "Mom of the Year" award this week. And, dang it!, I deserve to toot my own horn. Who spent several hours playing outside in the snow with the boys, teaching them how to build a snow fort (and if you've seen their tiny dollar store shovels you can appreciate who did all of the work in the construction of our fort (which, by the way, was even more impressive than the photo does justice)), and hurling myself down the mountain with them on the sled? Me! Who invited the boys' friends over to make marshmallow blow guns AND whooped them all at a marshmallow fight? ME! I do my fair share of nagging them to get their chores done and sentencing them to time outs for fighting, but I want the record to show that I am a fun mom! Yes, I sometimes put off their requests to play with a "just a minute" that lasts more like and hour, but I hope my boys know that I try really hard to make time to just play.

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