Sunday, July 6, 2008


With his rapidly expanding vocabulary and comprehension, we're finding Hank to be a clever little boy and we're enjoying his developing quirks and emerging personality. Here are just a few funny moments we've had with Hank lately:

1. Hank is not the best eater and meals are often turned into power struggles with Hank thrashing about flailing food and me doing a song and dance routine to try to distract him into eating. At one point, we resorted to having Aaron hold Hank's head still (so that Hank can't face plant into his bowl or use his mouth as a moving target) while I shovelled in the food. Eventually, Hank considered this too a game and began to really enjoy having his head held still during meals and would ask for us to hold his head still while we fed him....making the mealtime process a 4-hand job (2 to feed and 2 to hold). One night, we asked Hank if he could hold his own head and he agreed! So now everytime we eat, Hank likes to use his own hands to hold his own head still. Whatever works, right?

2. This afternoon I woke Hank up from his nap and we enjoyed a little cuddle time together. I love his cute little toes and so I started playing the 5 little piggies with him. When I get to his pinky toe, I wiggle the toe and say, "this little piggy went wee-wee-wee all the way home" and then I tickle the bottom of his foot. Like any true 2 year old, Hank wanted to do it all by himself. So, he proceeded to wiggle his own toes, say "wee-wee-wee home," tickle his own foot, and then giggle.

3. Hank's all-time favorite song is the Wheels on the Bus. He knows all the actions and loves to sing the song over and over. Tired of repeating the same verses, I often make up new verses and ask him, "what do the monkeys on the bus say?" or "what do the fireworks on the bus say?" and let him make up his own noises or actions. Its fascinating to play word association games with a 2 year old because sometimes Hank's responses can be so thoughtful. Yesterday I added a new verse to the Wheels on the Bus song, asking Hank "what do the papas (grandpas) on the bus say?" Hank responded by slapping his chest and clapping his hands and said "dust it off." Whenever he visits Papa Grover, Papa always brushes sawdust off his clothes (from woodworking in the garage) before he picks Hank up so Hank associates brushing off sawdust with his Papa Grover.


Robyn said...

He is so funny! Love hime, miss him!

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Mindy said...

That is so funny about his Papa imitation. Cute cute!