Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Long and Lean

Our pediatrician is so busy that today was the closest appointment we could book for Hank's 2 year visit. I considered looking for a new pediatrician, but I think it was worth the wait because I really like Dr. Johnson. Hank weighed in at 26.8 lbs (25%) and measured 37 inches (80%). Hank had his big toe poked and blood drawn for a CDC test and got one shot of vaccinations to his thigh. I felt like such a rotten mom holding him down while he got stuck with a needle. He was such a trooper and didn't even cry but it broke my heart to see him so scared and nervous, wearing nothing but a diaper on the exam table. I thought it was awful to watch Hank get shots when he was a baby, but its much more difficult to watch him get shots now that he is aware enough to know what is going on and clings to me out of fear. The good news is that his vaccinations are current and he won't have to have any more shots until he's ready to go into kindergarten. Hank left the office happy because the nurse gave him an extra bugs bunny band aid to put in his pocket. I love that boy.

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The Madsen Family said...

Im glad his appointment went well! He is getting so big. I cant imagine what it must be like to watch him get his shots now that he knows whats going on. I feel bad enough when they dont have a clue!