Friday, July 18, 2008

Baby News

On Tuesday I visited my doctor for my normal 32 week check-up and got weighed and measured. According to my doctor, I'm measuring small. I would beg to differ. Anyways, supposedly your uterus should measure the same number in centimeters as you are in gestational weeks: I'm 32 weeks but was only measuring 27 cm. So, my doctor was concerned that there may be an issue of interuterine growth retardation and sent me out to get another ultrasound. Judging from my size, Hank's birth weight, and Aaron's height, having a small sized baby is the least of my concerns so I really just looked forward to the ultrasound as a fun opportunity to take a sneak peak at the baby. Aaron opted not to go to the appointment because he thinks its cheating to see the baby early. So, I had my ultrasound appointment today and there seems to be no explanation for why I'm measuring small because the baby is actually really good size (4lbs 4 oz right now - average at this age is 3 lbs 15 oz). Hooray for a healthy baby! After the ultrasound tech took all the measurements she needed, she used the 3D equipment to take a look at the was amazing. I think he looks just like Hank with less hair: Aaron's forehead and my lips. I can't wait to hold the real thing!

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The Madsen Family said...

Im so glad everything looked good! I cant wait to meet little Max!