Sunday, July 6, 2008

Big Boy Bed

For the last few months I've been battling conflicting emotions: on the one hand, I'm feeling an intense need to "nest" so I've been anxious to graduate Hank from the crib to the "big boy bed" in order to free up the crib for our new nursery, yet, on the other hand, I've been dreading moving Hank out of his crib for fear that the change in his sleep routine would mean no sleep for me. Well, this weekend we decided to tackle operation-big-boy-bed and moved Hank out of the crib and into his very own, Mariner's be-decked bed. After tucking him into bed the first night, Aaron and I stood guard outside his bedroom door, just waiting for Hank to protest and come running out of his room. Surprisingly, Hank took an instant liking to his bed and went right to sleep. Unfortunately, a few hours into the night, Hank discovered that his bed lacked the four walls of the crib, and he fell smack onto the floor. We remedied the problem with bedrails the next morning and Hank has been sleeping like a champ ever since! Hooray! So far, it seems that Hank hasn't yet discovered that his bed allows him to come and go as he the morning he will lay in bed and yell for me until I come get him, rather than get out of bed himself and come find me. I'm sure not going to clue him in.


austin & cherisse said...

Hey Aaron thanks for picking me and my little monsters up from the airport. I really appreciate it. We will be in Oregon for c-mas so lets plan on meeting up during that week. thanks again

The Madsen Family said...

I love the new bed! Im sure with those bumpers he cant fall off the bed again, unless he is houdini boy and can wiggle his way down the bed. I bet he loves it, and its great to hear he is doing so well in his big boy bed:)